Shadowrun Portland

Lost sleep

Diamond woke with a start. In the corner of her vision it read 4:05 am. Saphire, her white pitbull, poked his head up. Her new smartlink system scanned her vision for threats. It was dissorienting at first. It drew her back to her dream. A dream that was only a slight distortion of reality.

Walking as nonchalantly as one can with two silenced machine pistols behind your back, Diamond apprached two gangers. Her new smartlink system showed green circles around them indicating they were clear to engage. Wind was nonexistent and range was short. Whipping her hands up she fired a burst of stick and shock into both of them. They grunted with the pain but stayed up. Not for long as her companions fired bolts of magic over her shoulders laying them flat.

Diamond Stood near the back of Aryan Mike’s apartment surrounded by her fellow road warriors. The room was littered with unconscious skinheads and the five still standing cowered by the door.

“We should just kill them. I mean they’re neo-nazi thugs.” said Bill.

Diamond’s gut tightened.

“Don’t you think we taught them a lesson already?” asked Diamond.

“Bill’s right…I mean the only people who know we’re alive are in this room… and the two in the lobby.” said Rodeo.

Diamond looked up at Rodeo thinking you too?

“Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” asked Diamond.

“Why don’t we put it to a vote?” asked Bill.

“Alright.” said Diamond.

“All in favor.” said Diamond.

Bill and Rodeo raised their hands.

Dusty started too and then Rodeo grabbed his hand and put it down.

“You don’t get to vote.” said Diamond.

Diamond looked at Dominic and he slowly raised his hand.

The last five men left standing stood silently watching them whisper their eyes wide. Diamond turned her back and changed the clip out in her gun for regular rounds.

“Ready?” asked Diamond.

They turned unleashing death in seven different ways before the skinheads could react. Then they laid into the unconscious ones. Diamond squeezed her eyes tight not wanting to see the blood splash against Bill’s face as he hacked and slashed with his sword. She looked to her left at Dominic his hammer coming down smashing in someone’s head with a sickening crunch. Dusty caved in a skull to her right with his crowbar. Getting medieval in here thought Diamond. She turned and saw someone’s eyelids flutter as if they were laying in bed about to wake. The last thing they saw was Diamond pointing one of her machine pistols in his face at close range. His eyes widened and then there was a flash. And then nothing.

“What have we done?” asked Diamond.

“:You could have stopped it. You’re the sergeant.” said Bill his face splattered in blood.

Diamond curled into a ball trying to push the images away. She held Sapphire to her close.
“In the army I never killed anyone. When I started robbing banks I played if off like I did but I didn’t. I came here to make a new home with a new family but I don’t know…I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know where else to go.” said Diamond.

Saphire whined.

“Who are you talking to?” slurred Bill staggering over.

“Sapphire.” said Diamond.

“You should have a drink with us.” said Bill.

“Is there any left?” asked Diamond.

“Here.” said Bill holding out a bottle.

Diamond got out of bed and took it.

“Bill…?” asked Diamond.

Bill stepped closer and tripped over a squeeky toy and almost fell but recovered.

“Never mind.” said Diamond taking a long pull.


This is pretty cool, looks like we have internal struggles in more places then one.

Lost sleep
JaydeMoon lighthouse_Amour

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