HB: "Army" Armand Visulio

"He Marvin Gayed his own son"




Born just outside of Buffalo, NY. Dominic and Mary Visulio never wanted a UGE baby, no one in either family had ever had one before and the same was true for their first four children. It was an unwanted surprise then when Army was born. The skinniest, whitest and longest baby they had ever had… and those ears.

They were able to keep it a secret for the first couple of years but eventually there was nothing else they could do. Ashamed, Dominic first brought Army in to see the boss of the Vergilito crime family, Sammy the Fish, when he was 6 years old. Sammy was Dom’s boss, the boss of one of the small crime families in Buffalo. It was tradition for the Buffalo crime families that if you had a meta-son you would essentially offer them up to the boss, they would still live with their parents but they started the indoctrination early so they could keep them under heel. Most evenings and weekends were spent being an errand boy or serving cocktails to the boys back at the clubhouse.

Army never did have much of a relationship with his parents or siblings, but he was close to his Uncle Paulie. Paulie was one of the longer tenured capo’s in Sammy’s crew. They would take Paulie’s motorcycle and go fishing or hunting, Army really wasn’t much of a fisherman, but he took to the bow very quickly. Eventually, when he turned 16, Paulie gave him his old Yamaha cruiser.

Eventually his powers started to show himself, the first time a scared white tail stopped in his tracks long enough for Army to pick him off, Paulie knew what was happening.

“Kid, do you know what you just did?” he said

“Yeah I pegged him right in the back of the head, nice shot right?”

“No kid I mean what you did before that… here, let’s try an experiment.” He took one of Army’s arrow and laid it in his hand. “I want you to focus on the arrow, and I want you to imagine that it’s glued to the palm of my hand. Give me deep breaths and really concentrate” Paulie turned his hand upside down, the arrow stayed in place. “You did this kid, I know you did because I can too.”

Paulie went on to explain that he learned about his magical abilities many years ago, when he was running a small casino off the strip in Vegas. He found a Talismonger who got him in contact with an instructor out of Boise. He spent a few years training twice a week to hone his skills as an adept. This information was a secret, it was pretty well know that if you showed any magical abilities that Sammy would ex-communicate or, if he thought you were a threat, kill you.

“Is this the first time you have done anything like this Army?” asked Paulie

“Damn, I think so, at least you are the first person that has noticed and said anything”

“Well, we’ll have to assume no one else knows, and I will work with you to make sure you can hide your talents. But I am also going to help train you to focus them and make them powerful enough to count. I know a chaos mage in Syracuse that knows how to keep his mouth shut, he’ll help us.”

2 years later and Army is in a small room in a factory down by the lake. He’s being sworn in as a made man, giving his oath of Omerta. His father, uncle and a few others are there as well. He steps up to the table where Sammy is standing. Just before he starts to say the words he hears Sammy say, “I know what you are.”

He feels cold steel on the back of his head. His father’s voice, “Why couldn’t you be like the rest of us?” He hears a loud pop; he turns around to see his father on the ground and his uncle over him. Army quickly began to rain acid down onto the rest of the crew. Screaming… crying… gun shots… Paulie was bleeding out, Army dragged his injured uncle out of the building, loaded him into a van and drove to the safe house that Paulie had on the other side of town.

“Hand me the whiskey on the table Amy… the doc wagon isn’t coming I’m past any help they can give me, you need to get out of town now. Take this…” he wrote an address on a sheet of paper. “It’s my contact from Boise, he owes me, he’ll get you set up. Do not argue with me, just go, I need to know that you are going to be alright, promise me you will go to Boise”

“I promise”

HB: "Army" Armand Visulio

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