M: Athena

Space Seal, Survived falling from space




Received a OTH Discharge from the navy after a causing a breach in the hull of a nine billion nu-yen orbital space station while trying to do a welding job from thirty meters away around three corners with mirrors and a high powered milspec laser. One of the other seals had bumped the mirror just after she lined up the shot. The breach caused the hull to crack jettisoning her and six others into space. She cast and sustained a levitation spell on the other crew members, saving their lives. before she could levitate herself to safety, a damaged air tank started jetting out air, putting her in a nauseatingly fast and disorienting spin toward earth.

To this day, she is not sure how she survived. All that she can recall after the suit’s monitor flashing AIR TANK MALFUNCTION is waking up on the north coast of the Nagasaki province in Japan.

After being discharged from the navy, she came back to Chicago and had a hard time adjusting. She started working as a runner helping people in the CZ fight para-critters and sustain themselves.

M: Athena

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