M: Alice Mason

"Someone call in the cavalry?" - Alice's 'rigger motto'


With three bumblebee combat drones sporting machine guns, and one with a Krime Cannon, Alice is able to engage a variety of threats from the relative safety of her Ares Roadmaster. Her often unprofessional attitude and lack of social awareness leave many fellow runners rolling their eye’s at first meeting her, though this feeling usually subsides after they’ve seen her suppress a half dozen gangers or outrun a HTR Team.


Alice woke up to a mysterious message on her ’link [meet at the caf-stand across from campus asap]

She thought about ditching whoever was messing with her today and going back to bed, she had finals and her bitch roommate had been messing with her all week, preventing any real rest. She was just closing her eye’s when another message popped into her AR [Its about your brother]

She sat up so fast it made her head spin. She looked over the numbers, nobody she knew. Her brain was working now and she rushed to dress and flew down the halls pushing past other students as she went. “Careful, you’ll end up slimming up running around like that!” shouted another student as she passed, she flipped the bird over her shoulder and pushed out the door onto the campus proper.

She had to slow to a jog and then walk as she got nearer the Morning Star coffee cart, she was out of shape and very much not accustomed to running.

As she reached the stand a young man in a long black duster with orange decals approached “Alice?” he asked, looking at her but was clearly unsure.

“Yeah, is that Davids coat?”

“No, I, can we talk privately?”

“Sure, sorry, its just the same colors.”

In a tone heavy with meaning the stranger replied “I know.”

Alice Starred at her pancakes, they were her favorite, strawberry with extra whipping cream, but right now she didn’t think she’d ever eat them, or anything, ever again.

“How sure are you?” She asked the stranger, eyes still trained on her breakfast.

“Very.” He countered in her matter of fact tone.

“About which part?”

“All of it.”

She paused again. “So why tell me about his career? It’s nice to know why he hasn’t been getting back to me, I’d figured he was still mad at me, but Why tell me what you guy’s did-”

“Do, I’m still a runner.”

“Do then, why tell me?” her voice got a little louder, she could feel hysteria boiling up, her vision seemed to be narrowing “Why not lie, Like HE DID. ALL THE TIME!”

The stranger shushed her and leaned across the table, he looked apprehensive and glanced around the diner. The waitress was watching them.

“Because,” he replied, voice low “You are in danger here. It’s possible whoever got to him knows about you, and common practice is to eliminate anyone who could become a problem later. Like a tech-wiz kid sister with a small fortune at her fingertips.”

Now she was frightened and pulled away in her seat. “So your saying I’m in danger, that someone wants me dead.”

“Probably. Since I don’t know exactly what happened to your brother I can’t say who will come after you or how they will do it.”

“What do I do?” She dreaded the answer, and even as she asked it she saw her dorm and classes and future slipping away, sand in a strong breeze. She wanted to build things, be an engineer and improve the world. Now she’d be lucky to survive it.

-One week later

They took their breakfast to go, Alice had ended up paying for the stranger, who had eventually identified himself as Advent, a Decker and low level admin for JackPoint, the runner Matrix Host. He’d advised her to see a cyberdoc and She’d gotten fitted with a Vehicle Control Rig, the rest had come naturally, the Rigger control console was intuitive enough, the drones had come through one of Advents contacts and received custom AR skins at small expense. It hadn’t been real until she Jacked into the Ares Raodmaster and felt the size of it, the power that was her new self. ‘Ok,’ she’d thought ‘Maybe I can do this.’

Her possessions lived in the vehicle now, right next to her drone army and her sleeping bag and hammock. The Roadmaster lived in the CZ, Advent had said it was an easy place to get lost, or hide, which was in a city she’d never visited and hoped to leave soon.


Her commlink buzzed and woke her up “Hey chummer, interested in some work?”

M: Alice Mason

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