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With a mohawk that begins with red at the base and ends with yellow at the top. Grey eyes and clean shaven. His arms and back are a coverd in black and blue celtic knotwork tatoos with dragons peaking out from under the collar of his starched shirt which is all you can see when he is dressed for work.


Oscar Sullivan was born in Tir na Nog in the port city of Kinsale 2049 , Oscar’s family emigrated to the UCAS in 2049 when the local Danaan family members made things uncomfortable for the no elves in the city. Oscar’s father Roland Sullivan enlisted with the UCAS military and serverd on the Tir Tangire Border. He became fast friends with one Sgt. Allan Montgomery. The two stayed in contact after they musterd

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out. During his fathers enlistment, Oscar fell in with a bad crowd. He was constantly getting in trouble with the law untill he was finally charged and found guilty of grand theft auto in 2055. During his 2 year sentence he made contacts with the Muldoon crime family and became employed as one of their enforcers. Much to the consternation of his father. Oscar, now called “Torch” by his new friends, still tries to do right by his family sending money and such. His mother and father are in no position to turn away his largess even though they disaprove of the way he makes his money. Torch is currently overseeing weapons running and protection operations in the Tudor St. neighborhood of Boston.

CW: Brand

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