M: Charlie

Never let them see you flinch


Body 5(9)
Agility 8(11)
Reaction 4(7)
Strangth 4/9
Willpower 2
Logic 3
Intuition 3
Charisma 5

Stealth group 6
- sneak 6
- palming 6
- disguise 6
Outdoors group 6
- tracking 4
- navigation 4
- survival 4
Athletics group 3
- running 3
- swimming 3
- gymnastics 3
Longarms (sniper) 8 (10)
Automatics 6
Unarmed 6 (7)
Perception 6
Intimidate 6
First aid 6
Handle animal 6
Armorer 4

Small unit 3
Sprawl 7


Charlie was never a name, just the designation written on the cloning tank of the third prototype. She was never meant to be a person, just a tool for the highest bidder. She was certainly never meant to brake free.

The first decade of her life was a series of lessons, surgeries and tests. She spent most of her time in the Tank, sedated so she wouldn’t try to break out, which she’d attempted before to the detriment of her knuckles.

Her life didn’t really begin till she heard new voices outside the Tank, the drugs were still desensitizing her but she focused through the haze and realized she wasn’t in the lab anymore, she was somewhere else.

it looked like the back of a vehicle, a van of some kind, with the doors just behind her and the strangers just ahead. As she looked on she saw a small group, they appeared to be arguing about her and the three other Tanks, while their worlds were muffled their argument turned heated and one of the figures went for a weapon.

Charlie seized the moment of chaos and threw her entire weight into the back of the Tank, tipping it over and knocking open the doors to the van. With a crash the tank hit pavement and shattered, sending shards of glass in every direction, and resulting in more then a few cuts.

She picked herself up and ran into the night, bare feet gripping the earth. She was going to get away, she would be free or die trying. She’d made it.

She spent almost two weeks avoiding everyone she came across, but since she had never been out of the lab she had no idea how to care for herself and was eventually caught trying to steal food from scavengers.

They eventually gave her cloths and a meal before passing her off to one of the local farms, along with a rifle to pay the farmers for looking after her.

She grew quickly, learning to hunt, shoot and survive in the Sprawl.

She had few friends and trusted nobody, often preferring to let her fists do the talking. this became a problem when it became clear that she was augmented after breaking a boys arm for making fun of her. She hadn’t meant to do it, but was hardly remorseful. Couldn’t let them see her as weak.

She spent less and less time around people as she grew up, preferring the solitude of the open Sprawl. She did battle with a number of gangs and eventually ended up working with a shadowrunners team to fight a cabal of toxic shamans.

Though the team was successful in destroying the cabal, Charlie recieved serious injuries including the loss of her right arm and eyes. The runners agreed to help her and she went with them to Chicago. There they helped her get fitted for new cyberware and passed her name on to a Johnson.

M: Charlie

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