CW: Desirea aka 'Flowers'

Pretty smart.


Body 2
Agl 1
Rea 2
Str 1
Will 5
Log 7 (9)
Int 5
Cha 2
Edg 6

Electronics Group 6, Cyber-combat (Data-spike) 8 (10), Hacking (Hosts) 6 (8), Electronic warfare 6, Perception 6, Automatics 6, Negotiation 2, Etequit 1,
Knowledge: Drugs 6, Matrix (Science and internal workings) 6 (8), Gangs 5, Plants 3, Corporate (Arcology) 6 (8), Small unit tactics 3, Security Procedures (Matrix) 3 (5).

Exceptional attribute (Logic)
Dependent (Janet)
Job (Forum Moderator, pro-runner matrix host)
Speed reading

Contacts: Felix (Fixer, boss, Loyal 2, con 4)

Ares Crusader 2
Stun Baton
120 Reg rounds for automatics
40 APDS rounds for automatics
SCK Mod 100
4 spare clips
Armor Jacket
-non-donductive 5
-Thermal Dampaning 7
Sony ciy-720
Rating 6 Agent
Advanced programs pack

Cerebral Booster
Rating 3 Limbic
Rating 3 Neocortical
Rating 1 Hive


Desi didn’t get out much at first. Her folks were both heavily involved in matrix research and as leaders in their fields they had little time for a child other then to buy her the best deck and implant they could.

Most of her early socializing was with other youths in the higher scientific community, all were under tremendous pressure, but Desirea ignored expectations. She knew full well what they wanted, but in form with the adults in her life, she took a passive aggressive approach and resigned herself to underachieving so as to get back at her absent parents.

This plan ultimately backfired when her mother died of biofeedback while working late. Her father lost all will for research and moved to Chicago.

While he adopted a btl habit, Desi, now 14, had her first access to what she called ‘real people’. They weren’t driven into the ground by expectations, instead they chose their own way, usual assisted by drugs and alcohol.

Her skills made her noticed locally in exchange for her help with her deck she recieved protection. That’s also how she met Janet.

Janet was a party girl, she liked to drink and smoke and fight and cud and before Desi most couldn’t remember her ever being happy. Yet happy they were for years, living together, working together and always together when a party started.

Janet helped Desi through the loss of her father, and Desi helped Janet through the fall of her crew. But while Desirea managed her fathers death with reasonable grief and recovery, Janet took to btl’s after her team was killed in a gun battle with a rival gang.

Together the two destroyed the offending gangers, but Janet’s addiction remains a steadily widening void between them. She would never show it, but it weighs heavily on the deckers mind.

CW: Desirea aka 'Flowers'

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