HB:Dominic Dragonazzi

Troll part time athlete part time computer engineer


B – Metatype (Troll) , C Nuyen, D Attributes, Skills, E- Magic


“Never trust an elf. We hear those words, but we both typically ignore that racist crap. I was approached before hand, offered what would have been a years salary with a contract to throw the game. Our team was never going to be scouted anyway, I knew this was just a hobby and now it was going to be an amazing payday. I hacked the managers link and edited the signaling program to send different signals from the playbook to the players on the field, then I took the list and sent it to the elf, who fed the information to the other team through the game. Afterwards, he was nowhere to be seen. No payout except for a simple lesson, never trust an elf, especially if they look particularly nice for one.”

Matt felt so bad for me after telling him what happened, he actually took his sledgehammer and modified it to resemble an 14th century french maul (knowing how fond I am of medieval weaponry). A thoughtful gift, and one that would have looked nice on my wall, if that was the end of it.

Things were quiet at work during the next few days. Everyone had heard through the news that I was injured in practice, my former manager Marco’s last favor, and now they were eyeballing me, looking for proof. I told them to frag themselves and left. Computer Engineering jobs aren’t that hard to come by. Or so I thought. It seems that being a non-local, and a troll no less, really gives employers a sour taste when they think about hiring a person. Here I am weeks later, sitting at the bar pouring what’s left of my cash into getting drunk before I go find a den to squat in.

Maybe it’s time to see if there’s room in that new gang I’ve seen around here, the HellBats.

HB:Dominic Dragonazzi

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