Janet Merrel

Just cause I'd rather live in another world doesn't mean I won't fuck you up in this one.


Str 4
Agl 4
Rea 3
Bod 5
Will 5
Log 3
Int 1
Cha 4
Edg 6
Skills: Pistols 6, Close combat 4, First aid 3, Negotiation 4, Con 5, Etiquette 4, Heavy Weapons 3, Survival 3, Stealth 2, Running 4, Gymnastics 3, Throwing 2, Drive ground craft (motorcycle) 3 (5).
Knowledge: Sims 3, BTLs 6, Chicago Gangs 3.
Qualities: Addiction (BTLs, Moderate)
Loss of confidence (unarmed, Desi knocked her on her ass when she tried to go get high. And Desi is tiny)
Natural Athlete
Photographic memory

Duel Browning ultra power Handguns
Holster for same
Ammo for same
Transys Avalon
Armored Duster
Basic runners kit
No credstic in an effort to stay clean


Janet sees herself as another sob story nobody has time for. Her mother was a BTL addict, her father a raging alcoholic, her older brother a sadist and pervert. She struck out as soon as she could outrun them and lived with urchins and beggars for the majority of her youth. Her teen years saw her blossom from another dirty face to the head of a group of scavengers and go-gangers.

Her Gang at its peak, holding turf and gathering wealth, when Desirea moved in. Initially the two clashed, Desi was a prim a proper Arcology drone, how could she hold her own? Where did she get off acting so superior to everyone?

Then Desi Decked into a hostile Gangs gear and disarmed twelve men without a fight.

Janet was impressed, having a Decker like that around would be hugely beneficial. They worked together for a few months before Janet came to Diago, her second in command, and asked if he thought Desi was cute. Diago laughed out loud. After collecting himself he later told her he, and most everyone else, knew Janet was head over heels for the Blonde Decker and should just say something already.

Janet invited Desi to dinner and was more nervous then she’d ever been. Armed Trolls had never scared her as much as that first date. What’s worse it was awkward. The two had nothing to talk about but the gang and CZ events.

Their date ended early when another gang hit the clubhouse. They arrived to find the fight long over and losses severe. They took comfort in each other that night.

The duo launched a campaign of revenge against the Blackasters, the gang who’d sacked their base, and in living and working together their affection developed naturally so that when the Blackasters were driven from their hood neither even mentioned the future, they’d be facing it together.

Janet never got over the loss of her Gang, as per usual, the revenge didn’t settle her feelings on the matter and without a better outlet she turned to drugs to numb her guilt about having let her friends down.

Janet Merrel

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