M: Yasmin "Jazz" al'Fazin

The Persian Princess


Yasmin is a young elven woman of Persian descent. Short for an elf, she is coldly professional, though never cruel. Collateral damage should be avoided if necessary but she does not shy from killing if it is required to complete the task at hand.

She is driven by some manner of ambition that is mostly hidden from her fellow Shadowrunners. While known to reside in a relatively luxurious high-rise in the O’Hare sub sprawl, she can often be found in Chicago’s Fallout Zones, working the Shadows or doing what little she can for the people. The latter does not necessarily vibe with the attitude she puts forward and again hints at some unknown agenda.

Her favored weapon is a personalized Yamaha Raiden, though she often provides sniper support for her team. She is as comfortable in her Zoe Executive Suite as she is in full body battle armor, though she usually defaults to a customized Vashon Sleeping Tiger. She displays no visible cybernetics, though anyone who has worked with her can easily tell she is at least moderately modified, if not heavily so.


Yasmin was born in Dubai, the daughter of an elven whore and a business transaction with a low-level executive of Global Oil. What could have been a classic and cliched tale of a bastard child shunned by a privileged but absolutely unavailable parent did not come to rise, as the executive took the most responsible action he could whilst maintaining his reputation and honor.

Yasmin grew up in a middle class lifestyle without a father. Her mother did not work, but they seemed to want for little, and seemed to navigate life’s challenges easier than others. Gifts arrived for her on birthdays and as she grew older, Yasmin came to know that her father watched from a distance.

When she finished her basic education, her father, now a top executive of Global Sandstorm, arranged their first meeting under the pretense of a scholarship award. Proud of her accomplishments and ashamed he could not be the father most children enjoyed, he offered her an opportunity to study abroad, with the ultimate goal of working in mid-level management in Global Sandstorm, with opportunities for advancement.

Yasmin took the offer and studied at the University of Washington in Seattle, double majoring in Business and Economics. During this time, she also experienced many of the freedoms of Seattle and gained a love of fast bikes and nightlife. It was also during this time that she began to learn more about those who worked in the Shadows, mostly fantasized stories from tries and newscasts.

As she neared her graduation, she began to become obsessed with moving along on another path. Not content to ‘work her way up’ in the ranks in a quest to be nearer her father, she thought that gaining a different set of skills might allow her, in time, to work more directly with him.

With her sights set on honing her skills so that she might one day work as his bodyguard and head of security, she set her mind to that task. It fit her thrill-seeking interests far more closely than management ever would. Street racing, martial arts, gymnastics all featured heavily in Yasmin’s life. When she was not studying, she was working.

After graduating, she spent a good portion of her ‘anonymous graduation gift’ on expensive body modification and then relocated to Chicago, ostensibly to put her education to work for Global Sandstorm, who was competing for interests in rebuilding Chicago under Governor Presbitiro’s watch.

However, she rarely makes it to the ‘office’, much to the consternation of Elham Khoroushi, a Global Sandstorm lawyer and mid-level executive ‘assigned’ to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the girl’s Global Sandstorm standing. While he understands how success in this will raise his own standing inthe corporation, it is not a task he enjoys and his relationship with the troublemaker is cool, at best.

Now, Yasmin races the streets and works the Shadows, balanced with showing her face at the ‘office’, honing the skills she imagines will best serve her long term goals.

Completed Missions

SRM 05-01 – Chasin’ the Wind
SRM 05-02 – Critic’s Choice
SRM 05-03 – Gone Long Gone
SRM 05-04 – Liberation
SRM 05-05 – While the City Sleeps
SRM 06-01 – 10 57
SRM 06-02 – Amber Waves of Grain
SRM 06-03 – Ancient Rumblings
SRM 06-04 – Tick Tock
SRM 06-05 – Healing the Sick

CMP 2010-01 – Manhunt
CMP 2010-02 Carbon Copy
CMP 2010-03 – Ashes
CMP 2010-04 – Humanitarian Aid
CMP 2010-05 – Lost Islands Found
CMP 2010-08 – Stormcrow Undone
CMP 2012-01 – Swing Vote
CMP 2012-02 – 5 Minutes to Midnight
CMP 2012-03 – Silicon Slick
CMP 2012-04 – Depth Charge
CMP 2013-01 – Rolling the Dice
CMP 2013-02 – Double Down
CMP 2013-03 – Full House
CMP 2013-04 – Going for Broke
CMP 2014-01 – Recon
CMP 2014-02 – Search
CMP 2014-03 – Recover
CMP 2014-04 – Destroy
CMP 2014-05 – Silence is Golden
CMP 2014-06 – A Night’s Work
CMP 2014-07 – Run Out the Guns
CMP 2014-08 – Demolitions Run
CMP 2015-03 – Cinco de Mayo in Memphis
CMP 2015-07 – Citius, Altius, Fortius

SMH 2015-01 – Friendship is Tragic

M: Yasmin "Jazz" al'Fazin

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