M: Biff Tannen

Former Chicago gang member on a mission


Try and keep him out of conversations that require any kind of polite negotiation. Biff uses his adept powers to intimidate, and if necessary, beat the living hell out of his adversaries.


What brought Biff to Hanoi isn’t important, what is important is how he got out. Biff and Jin planned their escape for a whole month. Everything had gone according to plan, until they went through the checkpoint out of Hanoi. They knew it was risky to try and escape the city via main roads, but they had good disguises and decent fake SINs. They travelled and went through the check separately. Jin went through, no problems. Unfortunately the officer at the check was the same dandelion eating elf that caught Biff in the first place. Maybe the elf noticed him, maybe he didn’t, we don’t know because Biff killed him before he could say a word.

Jin was in the clear and could have left Biff to die from his arrogance and rage. Instead he fought with him, through 10 armed guards, and carried an unconscious Biff to safety and even bankrolled their trip back to Chicago.

Jin and Biff stayed close in the years since. Biff worked in the Saints gang as an enforcer/debt collector. When he got the call from Jin about being bit by one of those ghouls he figured the guy would pull through, like he always has. Jin has been missing for a month now and a week ago Biff received an almost indecipherable message on his com “Hanoi”.

It is time to repay the debt, Biff is going to find Jin and bring him home alive.

M: Biff Tannen

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