M: Maus

Short thin brown hair and eyes timid


B 1(3), A (3/6), R 4(5), S 1(3), W 5, L 6(8), I 4, C 2, Edge 5, Ess 0.12, Magic 0 INI 10+2d6
physical 4 mental 9 social 4

karma 0, nuyen 0

electronics group 5
pistol (automatic) 6(8)
sneaking (urban) 6 (8)
hacking (hosts) 7+2 (11)
e warfare 5
perception 5
cybercombat 5
etiquette 1
first Aid 1

knowledge: 22
German N, English 6, Matrix sec. 6, sec systems 6, sec tactics 4

codeslinger: hack on the fly, corp limited SIN, incompetent outdoors, allergic to bee stings, aptitude: hacking

wired reflexes 1, bone density 2, data jack, cerebral booster 2, full cyber arm main 3 str 6 AGI 2 armor, full cyberarm offhand 3 str 3 agi 2 armor, X2 cyberlegs 3 agi 3 str 2 armor,

epipen, 20 tazer darts, EX shocker, 1 gold credstick, AR gloves, earbuds spatial mag, arm slide, americar, renraku tsurugi, hardware toolkit, Zoe executive suite armor 12, Fichetti Security 600 (with internal smartgun, lowlight flashlight, cutom grip, and silencer), streetline special (custom grip, internal smartgun), 10 APDS rounds (holdout), 60 SNS rounds (light pistol), 30 flechette rounds (heavy pistol), glasses (4) flash (flash comp, lowlight, smartgun, image link), AresViper slivergun (flash comp,custom grip, lowlight, smartgun, image link), data tap, 10X data chip, gas mask, 2X stim patch (6), tag eracer, trauma patch, medkit (6), bug scanner (6), area jammer (4)


Maus was a decker working for a subsidiary of Saeder Krup until she bent one of the rules for an executive that threw her under the bus. Fired from her job and looking for work she answered an ad for a temp job. She was told that her old job had been outsourced to another smaller company according at the interview. Her first day on the job she was asked by her new boss to hack the host to help with the extraction of the exec who got her fired. She did the best she could but the plan went sideways. She was severely wounded by an explosion and taken to a street doc. She had to have her limbs all replaced and got a few upgrades at a healthy percentage to the local mob. She managed to pay them off decking for the team that she inadvertently ran with. Once she paid off her debts she began freelancing.

M: Maus

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