CW: Pahedi aka 'Piety'

Ex-Lone Star Investigative Mage


A smooth smile and a fancy silver-grey suit adorn a waif thin night elf. When the light hits his black fur right, an iridescent sheen catches your eye. Around his neck hangs a golden ankh decorated with obsidian and a winged scepter charm made from copper. His matching greatcoat, cut to fit over the suit, does a fine job of keeping Chicago’s dust and grime off.


Paheti ended up in a coma after attempting to initiate and learn some information on the magical entity murdering people around Chicago. Before going, he left his body in the care of a street doc shaman, Dr. McKnight. During the quest, he was attacked by a shadow spirit that severed his link to his body. He wandered hopelessly in the astral sea for what seemed like forever before having a powerful spiritual experience with the Egyptian pantheon. He was given a magical name, shortened to Paheti, and returned to his body in the meat world.

When he returned, he learned that instead of being gone days or hours, like he had thought would happen, he was gone for months. He also learned that a certain mob boss by the name of MacAvoy was the guy who ran the clinic. And he wanted to collect on the costs of keeping Paheti cared for all that time. He worked out a payment plan and got back to work as soon as he was able.

He was too weak to return to working the field, so Lone Star put him behind a desk for a while so he could recover. He could still investigate, but he had to do it the old fashioned way. Paperwork. While on the job, he overheard officers Spicoli and Rasmussen plans to release one of McCaskill’s men from prison, on order from the boss himself. When he informed internal affairs about the mess, he was let go instead. MacAvoy, eager to get his money, sent Pahedi to meet with a group of people he knew. People who could use his help with some ‘problems’…

CW: Pahedi aka 'Piety'

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