HB: Betsy "Rodeo" Andrews

Mid Western



B: Attributes; C: Magic; D: Skills; D: Race: Human; E: Resources


Body 2 Agility 3 Essence 6 Mag/Res 5
Reaction 5 Strength 1 Initiative 10+1d6 Matrix Init. 10+1d6
Willpower 6 Logic 2 Astral Init 10+2d6 Composure 11
Intuition 5 Charisma 5 Judge Intent 10 Memory 8
Edge 3 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 15kg Movement 6
Phys. Limit 3 Mental Limit 5 Social Limit 8


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Skill Specialization Rank Pool
Assensing 1 6 Auto Mech 1 3
Intimidation 1 6 Pilot: Ground Bikes 3 8
Pistols Revolvers 4 7 Spellcasting 5 10
Summoning 5 10 Tracking 1 8
I: Bikes 3 8 S: Boise Streets 4 9
I: Old Westerns 3 8 A: Spirits 2 4
I: Sports 2 7 L: English N N

Qualities: Mentor Spirit: Wolf, Spirit Affinity: Beasts, Spirit Bane: Man, Distinctive Style: Cowboy


In 2018, the United States ceded most of the Western land to the Sovereign Tribal Counsel, lands which would come to be known as the Native American Nations. Within those lands was the city of Boise, Idaho.

Jim Andrews was a police officer and Air Guard MP who had served his nation well and was now forced out of it. Circumstances led to him being skipped over during the ten year relocation plan, and he spent the rest of his days living as a second class citizen, drowning his sorrows and loudly cursing everything he blamed for his losses, which included his new government and the people who felt they were finally being justly recompensed for their losses a few hundred years before. The foul mouthed white man made no friends in his new country.

The slide into poverty came within a generation and Jim’s children never made much of themselves. Jim’s son fell into drugs and violence before being fatally killed by PuebSec officers. Jim’s daughter never made anything except a pair of kids.

Kevin and Betsy didn’t have much in life, growing up. They never knew who their father was and their mother barely managed to scrape together a living waiting at the local Pancake house. Long hours at night with no child care outside of a drunken grandfather didn’t do much for her two kids and they ran wild on the streets. Mean and spiteful, the two were thick as thieves and neither brooked insult to the other.

Kevin was a big kid who often expressed himself with his fists. He eventually caught the attention of the Boise Bruisers, a motorcycle club in the area that was looking to take on additional ‘talent’. A chance to make something of his life and maybe for his sister led him to work unquestioningly for their executives. If someone needed to be scared, he scared them. If someone needed to be pounded, he pounded them. If someone needed a permanent lesson… Kevin was willing to teach it. He earned the nickname ‘Hoist’ as he could always be counted on to do any ‘heavy lifting’.

That ended one day on a run the club made to Santa Fe. A dust-up in a bar ended up with the inner circle of the Bruisers headed behind bars and Kevin was no exception. Left to spend time in prison, his sister, Betsy, suddenly found herself alone.

Pissed off at the world, Betsy took comfort in the protection of her big brother. As small as he was big, she talked a game to match her brothers size. Years of getting away with it stuck and once he was out of the picture, her mouth quickly got her in trouble. A few beatdowns did nothing to improve her attitude, only really resulting in being more pissed-off.

Figuring that it was the Bruisers who stole her brother away from her, she decided that they owed her and said as much. But between Hoist (respected more than ever for serving time on behalf of the club) not wanting her to be involved and not really wanting to deal with an unpredictable (and probably useless) hellcat, the club kept their distance. They offered her a job at their bike shop as consolation and to keep an eye on her but kept her well away from their activities.

At a local kicker bar one night, Betsy got into a drunken altercation with another woman over a sour drug sale. Her boyfriend had sold Betsy’s boyfriend some bunk novacoke and Goddammit, Betsy was getting her money back. Words turned into a cat fight while surrounded by a group of jeering and cheering onlookers. Betsy got her ass handed to her and was left disoriented on her hands and knees. The others laughed as they walked away and the weight of all of her anger swept over her, almost like a storm. She thought she could feel the energy of it crackling over her like electricity.. She screamed in rage and and got up, intending to charge the woman yet again…

Only to find that the woman, and everyone else present, was on the ground, moaning in pain. Without realizing it, Betsy had hurled a ball of electricity at them. Through some miracle, none of them were killed, but the incident did not escape the attention of the PuebSec and Betsy was taken into custody. Again, luck held out and the Detective on the case didn’t charge her with anything as nobody present wanted to talk about anything that had happened that night.

Betsy hid herself for a week and it wasn’t until Mechanic Mike forced open the door to her doss and found her, dirty and high. After getting clean and sober, Betsy revealed to him that she had awakened, told him stories of hunting with wolves and brilliantly colored forests. She was calm and collected as she told him this and Mike let her talk. The next day, Betsy showed up for work as if nothing had happened.

Since that time, she has shown that she is awakened, with strong innate talent. She has reached out to another Shaman local to the area for training, but her fiery attitude has forced a question of compatibility.

Meanwhile, the Hellbat execs wonder if this newly awakened wannabe might be a part of leveraging their (mis)fortunes and help bring the club out of the red.

HB: Betsy "Rodeo" Andrews

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