CW: Ilena "Rollrgrrl" Nicolaou

Murder Hobo


Ilena Nicolaou, who goes by Rollrgrrl in the Shadows, is an Ork who grew up in the CZ. Born just before the quarantine, she was the daughter of Anatoli Nicolaou, the goalkeeper for the 2055 Chicago Lightning Roster. With more attention coming to the CZ, Ilena is trying to make a life for herself beyond the horror of growing up in a horror movie.

As a Combat Biker team, the trapped members of the Chicago Lightning and their staff were well equipped to be among the best survivors in the Zone and they carved out a portion of the city for themselves. Growing up with these men as protectors and teachers, Ilena also grew tough, learning to depend only on herself.

Her cyberware comes from old stores, installed by the aging cyberdoc that tended the members of the Combat Biker team. She doesn’t discuss the events leading to their implantation.

Amongst the more uncouth members of the team, Ilena started her work as a rather unkempt street bum. She might have been passed over immediately, if her size and obvious strength hadn’t given her a chance to prove her worth.. Her hair was straggly and partially dreaded, much of it dangling in her face. Since then, she’s cleaned up, though she quickly and easily plays the part of a derelict street person.

Most recently, work has placed her at odds with Leo McCaskill, one of the local mob bosses. A recent attempt on her life might have been excused as ‘just biz’, but the Don ordered his goons to torch Ilena’s squat, while several of her community members were still inside. Ilena has never had a goal in life beyond survive, it’s a new and interesting feeling.


CW: Ilena "Rollrgrrl" Nicolaou

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