HMC Character Creation rules

This article is in reference to the Hellbats MC campaign.

The Hellbats MC campaign is about members of a motorcycle gang. You will start as a prospective member. You are probably SINless, and may or may not have an existing criminal record. You are not a professional shadowrunner, you are Joe Sinless.

Your character’s are very low level, here are the rules that you will use to create them. You will follow Missions rules with the following changes:

Your choices on the priority table are limited as follows:
• You will get no Priority A
• You will get one Priority B (cannot pick Nuyen or Magic on this priority)
• You will get one Priority C
• You will get two Priority Ds
• You will get one Priority E

Karma and Quality Restrictions: Each player receives 13 Karma to customize characters (maximum of 26 Karma). You can still take more expensive negative qualities, such as corporate SIN (25 karma normally), you will just only gain 13 karma for it. Some exceptions can possibly be made, contact me for a chat before doing anything.

Free Contacts: Each player will get a few contacts for free in addition to character creations rules. These are the Leadership team, as well as a few “friends of the club”. you will expand this list as the campaign continues.

Gear Restrictions: Device Ratings must be rated at 4 or less. Maximum Availability is limited to 10 or less. No explosives, No firearms. That’s right, no guns at character creation.
Nuyen Restrictions: Characters may only convert up to 5 Karma into nuyen (10,000 nuyen).

A fake SIN is an exception to the availability restriction. You can get up to a Rating 4 fake SIN if you have the money.

Lifestyle Restrictions: You do not need to purchase a lifestyle. You live at the clubhouse. Your club dues (they keep prety much everything you make) go toward this expense. You can, once your a full member, maintain your own residence. You also must maintain your own residence if you have dependents.

Additionaly, since these are non-misisons characters there are ways to go beyond Missions cannon. Do you want to use stuff froma non-missions legal book? or use a non-missions legal quality? Great! drop me a not and we will talk about why that makes sense for your character and the campaign first, as long as it sounds like it will bring something to the table it will be allowed.

One final note, you MUST make your own character.

HMC Character Creation rules

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