Jules MacAvoy

“This is our town. We suffered in the shit, not them. Fuck these outtatowners if they think they can take OUR city!”"

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Jules Macavoy was the leader of a local mafia in Chicago running out of South Side. MacAvoy’s crews organize the bloodsport matches and control prostitution throughout South Side, using the Dreamtown warehouses as BTL sweatshops and brothels. He’s also sent a few trusted operatives to establish contact with dissident capos in the sub-sprawls, a potentially dangerous move but one that could pay off, if he can get them to switch their loyalty to him instead of McCaskill. MacAvoy’s greatest advantages are his local connections and market knowledge, and his crews have adopted a cell structure, giving their street bosses more flexibility and freedom when dealing with the many diverse communities and collectives throughout the sprawl. Though the smallest of the three mob players, they know the sprawl’s unwritten rules and the people to talk to, while their out of town relatives have to learn about them the hard way.
He was stabbed in his home with no witnesses. The murder was attributed to the Asmodai possibly at the best of Leo McCaskill.

(Information on Capo Jules MacAvoy can be found in Feral Cities, available for sale at DriveThru RPG.)

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Jules MacAvoy

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