Leo McCaskill

“They gave this city to me and those assholes will take it over my dead body.”

Chaos War Contact (Canon)

Location: Chicago

Connection: 0

Don Jim ‘Tools’ O’Toole went missing in the early days after the bug breakout, and Mafia operations within the CZ all but fell apart. Milwaukee Don Leo ‘The Lion’ McCaskill received interim control of the greater Chicago area. After Operation: Extermination and the Zone opened, McCaskill discovered a skeleton crew of made men running small-scale operations throughout the Zone, led by Marcus Quinn, a former low-level enforcer under O’Toole. McCaskill and Quinn hated each other’s guts from the get- go, and for the next few years, internal backstabbing and sabotage kept Quinn’s organization from returning to its former glory. Quinn was killed during the worldwide witch hunts in the summer of 2070, after being outed as a technomancer. Several Mafia families saw an opening and sent their soldiers to Chicago. Currently, the Chicago mob is split, disorganized, and feuding. McCaskill’s Milwaukee organization has their hands full dealing with rival soldati coming in from Detroit, who are loyal to Don Roland ‘The Greek’ Stephanopoulos. With the two Dons distracted, a number of small crews of made men see the opportunity to start up their own small operations in Chicago. The most powerful and influential of these is Capo Jules MacAvoy, Quinn’s former second-in-command and a native Chicagoan. After a series of drive-by shootings and example killings, the fronts hardened, and the families are now competing over the various markets and districts. Leo McCaskill came to an untimeley end when Kitty MacAvoy after taking over her boyfriends operation had a runner team extract Leo. Leo after transfering his estate to Kitty suffered a heart attack and died.

(Information on Don Leo McCaskill can be found in Feral Cities, available for sale at DriveThru RPG.)

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Leo McCaskill

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