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Chaos War Contact

Location: Chicago

Connection: 6

Maria Lorenzo met Jules MacAvoy at a nightclub and fell for him. They had a falling out about a month later and she decided to remove the stealth tags from her clothing and ditch her guards for a night on the town. She met Fast Eddie at SuperNova, a South Milwuakie hotspot owned by Leo McCaskill. Fast Eddie roofied her drink and took her to Boca de Cielo. She woke up in a room there and told him who she was. He drugged her again and he asked the resident cyberdoc to change her face and put a Personafix in of Miss Kitty the Dominatrix. What he actually did is unkown as she did experience a change of personality and went through plastic surgery but no personafix was installed. After her rescue by Shadowrunners, MacAvoy tried unsuccessfully to have her memory restored. a Local doctor said she never had a chip and can’t understand how she was programmed. The Dr who programmed her was kidnapped by shadowrunners. He claimed to have only used drugs and hyptonotic suggestion.
After the murder of Jules MacAvoy by the Asmodai contracted out by Leo McCaskill she took the name Kitty MacAvoy and took over his operation. After hiring a runner team to kill Leo McCaskill and having them kidnap him instead and present her with his financial records Kitty took over the remaining parts of McCaskill’s operation. setting up a fake SIN as Leo McCaskill‘s niece, Fianna O’Keef, and bribing the authorities she absorbed his estate.

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