Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is the official dynamic Sixth World campaign setting sponsored by Catalyst Game Labs. In SRM, players create a character and participate in sanctioned events throughout the world. This gives players the unique opportunity to play a Shadowrun character of their own design with different people and different perspectives, and affect the storyline of the campaign.

SRM characters can be found in the “Characters” section of this portal, denoted with the letter M.

Shadowrun Portland started with the SR5 Core Rules (or Hardcover) and thus begins in ‘Season 5’. This means that new characters cannot play in Seasons 1-4. Currently, half of Season 5 is available to the general public, with only Catalyst Agents having access to the latter half, as well as some of Season 6. Both Season 5 and 6 are set in Chicago.

Along with the SRMs are the Convention Mission Packs (CMP). These are Missions outside of the ‘Season’ story lines that can be played by characters taking part in SRM. As with the SRMs, there are CMPs that are not compatible with new characters using 5th Edition Rules. Any CMP that has been adapted for 5th Edition by Catalyst is fair game.

While the actual stories of the SRMs and CMPs will not be included in this Wiki, to prevent spoilers, some of the contacts, locations, and characters can be found in the Wiki.

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