Welcome, chummers, to Shadowrun Portland

Shadowrun Portland is a Shadowrun community jump started by Catalyst Agents Tony Gambino and Tyson Gieszler in order to create a solid Catalyst presence in the Portland, Oregon area. Since beginning in September 2014, the community has grown from just 3 players to over 50 by year’s end and rapidly growing. We are currently nearing 80 members.

Shadowrun Missions events are held at our Firebase, Guardian Games, and have gone from a single table on Tuesday nights to two tables on Tuesday, alternating non-Missions campaigns on Thursdays, and other special events. Tony and Tyson’s efforts have also inspired a handful of other players to take the extra step and become Catalyst Agents as well.

This Portal will serve as a repository of Missions Sanctioned Characters played in our Missions, short stories written by our members, and feature the ongoing events of Chaos War and the Hellbats MC, both non-Missions campaigns run by Lighthouse Phare and Tony Gambino, respectively..

If you are a Portland area gamer and interested in joining Shadowrun Portland, feel free to walk in on one of our scheduled Missions events at Guardian Games or join us at Shadowrun Portland on Facebook.