Becky 99

“Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.”

Shadowrun Missions Contact

Location: Chicago

Connection: 4

A Rat Shaman and a former shadowrunner, Becky 99 survived in the chaos of the Containment Zone by joining up with a group of women who would eventually become the Desolation Angels. When the wall came down, she stayed with the group, mostly working in the background until last year when she stepped forward and challenged the leaders of the different factions of the gang.

Believing that they had lost focus and disgusted with the way they treated anyone not a member of the gang, especially men, she defeated each factions leader and united the Desolation’s under a new banner. She’s now working to make the Zone a little bit better, and in the process wants to stamp out any and all remaining signs of the Insect Spirits that once invaded her home.

Becky is a short, thin woman who appears to be in her late 20’s but has to be at least in her 30s. She has short, spiky, dark hair and dresses in street ganger chic, lots of black leather in the Desolation Angel’s colors of Black and Green. Her armored jacket is decorated by a couple of rat skulls on the shoulders, and she wears a golden ring that resembles a wedding band on a chain around her neck.

(For full stats, you can download the Season 5 Prep Files from Drivethru RPG, available for free!)

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Becky 99

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