Elizabeth Nunn

“I can see that you are in pain. If it is truly what you desire then, yes, I can ease it for you.”

Shadowrun Missions Contact (CMP 2014-01 thru 2014-04)

Location: Seattle

Connection: 2

Our Lady of Mercy has already lost her hair and has taken on the pointed teeth common to nosferatu. Her skin is pale, and she has a slight odor of earth about her. When she plans on visiting the hospital, she wears nurse’s smocks and uses Physical Mask to disguise her features. When she is searching the streets and alleyways, she wears a long lady’s overcoat and lady’s hat. Our Lady of Mercy was once an up-and-coming member of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. She was very attractive and goal-oriented, but she contracted HMHVV 1A during an operation for the Illuminates. Once her circle members discovered her infection, they decided to earn a little extra cash and attempted to turn her in for the bounty. She barely escaped, and hid from them for several years until recent events brought her out of hiding. Her affliction has caused her to look at life differently, and she believes she is helping those who are about to die pass peacefully to the afterlife.

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Elizabeth Nunn

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