Juan Xihuitl

“Of course you’ll do an excellent job. If you don’t, you’ll never work again.”

Shadowrun Missions Contact

Location: Chicago

Connection: 5

Juan Xihuitl (Pronounced similar to “She-Wheat”) is a Mr. Johnson for Aztechnology. Juan represents AZT’s interests in Chicago, and is interested in using Project: Takeback to recover as many of AZT’s lost assets as possible, including Aztechnology’s lost Pyramid/Arcology. He’s a very traditionalist corper, and smart runners tread lightly around him as he sees them as they really are: deniable, disposable assets. He doesn’t play games, he doesn’t tolerate fools, and he doesn’t coddle shadowrunners.

Juan Xihuitl is very traditional, and respects his Aztec heritage. He is a medium size troll with a dark Hispanic skin tone, large, flat nose, and small, curled rams horns. His hair is dark and worn long, slicked back, pulled into a ponytail. He has medium-sized Aztec- style ear plugs in his ears. His suit is the height of current Aztlan fashion, a marriage of traditional Aztech warrior garb and a modern day suit.

(For full stats, you can download the Season 5 Prep Files from Drivethru RPG, available for free!)

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Juan Xihuitl

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