Julio Fernandez

“I thought we were professionals. Your behavior right now is not very professional. Perhaps you wish to take a moment to really think about what you are going to say next?”

Shadowrun Missions Contact (CMP 2014-05 thru 2014-08)

Location: Seattle

Connection: 6

Julio is a Hispanic human male of around forty years old. He is tall at just over two meters and of an average build. He would blend into any crowd except for his dazzling smile and charm. He is a fast talker who uses his words and wits to get out of most situations. If that fails he looks to his associates to take care of the physical stuff. His clothes are always the most stylish corporate cut to help him blend in with the corporate crowd and mainstream. He had his pheromones tailored to give him the extra boast when he is negotiating the big deals.

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Julio Fernandez

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