Matt Wrath

“You know what you’re willing to pay. Matt Wrath knows what you’re willing to pay. Cut the bulldrek and let’s just agree on a fee. Or does Matt Wrath have to give you a bit of a Mattitude Adjustment?”

Shadowrun Missions Contact

Location: Chicago

Connection: 2

Matt grew up as a kid inside the containment zone and learned to fight to survive there. He became a boxer after the wall came down and was going to turn pro until he accidentally killed a man in the ring when his latent adept powers kicked in. He served a couple years in prison, and turned to underground fighting when he got out, quickly making a name for himself as one of the most dangerous fighters in the UCAS. He occasionally does Shadowrunning work on the side through his manage, Sid. His best friend is a devil rat named Matt Rat who he rescued from being a ghouls lunch, and the devil rat serves as his companion and mascot. He always speaks in the third person, referring to himself by his full name “Matt Wrath.” He is blunt, to the point, and doesn’t play verbal or mind games. He’s also a bit of a showman, and will play to a crowd if given a chance, and refers to beat-downs as a “Mattitude Adjustment.”

Matt Wrath is a beefy, burly, UGLY male elf. At 6’2” and 275 lbs, he’s built more like an ork than an elf, and his body shows years of abuse and a body that’s been poorly patched and stitched together. He’s got numerous scars all over his body, and his nose has been broken and improperly reset several times. His head and face are both clean shaven, and he has several tattoos, including the name “Wrath” written in glittering gold across his back.

(For full stats, you can download the Season 5 Prep Files from Drivethru RPG, available for free!)

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Matt Wrath

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