Quantum Princess

“Surely we can come to a solution agreeable to all parties?”

Shadowrun Missions Contact

Location: Chicago

Connection: 4

Vanessa Rodriguez, aka Quantum Princess is an elder statesman among shadowrunners. She was in the heart of downtown when Bug City hit and the Containment Zone went up, and she was one of those early few who tried to figure out what was happening and helped cobble together a rude BBS to help those trapped survive and communicate. Many suspect she’s the primary SysAdmin for NooseNet, Chicago’s Shadow Host, though she won’t admit to it and they run the host anonymously. Most often she can be found working as a fixer. She’s also liked and trusted by almost every faction in the shattered sprawl, and frequently acts as a mediator and go-between for them.

Quantum Princess is a human female in her mid-50’s of mixed Hispanic descent evident in her deep brown skin and dark hair. Age and stress have taken their toll, and she’s a little heavy set and not as nimble as she once was. However her mind is sharp, and her deep-violet cybereyes with their golden atom symbol pupils catch everything.

(For full stats, you can download the Season 5 Prep Files from Drivethru RPG, available for free!)

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Quantum Princess

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