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Welcome to the Hellbats MC Wiki page.

This Wiki will serve as the “Home Page” for the campaign.

Making a new Character?

The clubs current stat of affairs

  • HMC Leadership Team – These are the guys in charge.
  • Financial status – Look for the treasurer’s report in the most recent club meeting minutes posted in the forum
  • Armory – All the weapons the club possesses, as well as ammo.
  • ContactsHMC Contacts can be found alongside other contacts for the Portland Shadowrun community. Many of these contacts are ‘free’ at a base Loyalty rating for HMC members, which will be annotated on the contacts page.
  • Hellbats M.C Clubhouse and surrounding neighborhood – This is where you will be living until you find your own place.
  • Map – This is the greater area you will be in, enjoy this Google interactive map.
  • locations – Learn more about the places on the map
  • Boise Gangs – In the areas around Boise are several other groups, some of them neutral, some friendly, and some are rivals to the Hellbats.

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Hellbats MC

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