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Welcome to the Shadowrun Portland Wiki!

This is our wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for our wiki. Most Wiki pages will have a link referring back to this Main Page, but if not, you can use your browsers ‘Back’ button or simply hit the Wiki link on the left of the page.

Our community focuses on Shadowrun Missions, but we also feature two brewed campaigns called Chaos War and Hellbats MC. A list of Contacts can be found here.

Shadowrun Missions, the core of Shadowrun Portland, holds information that pertains to CatalystDemo’s Shadowrun Missions program. As Shadowrun Portland focuses on SR5, we regularly hold public events where one of our Agents GMs one of the official SR5 Missions.

However, all of it feeds into our ongoing campaigns, Chaos War and Hellbats MC. These campaign are set in Chicago and Boise, respectively, and have information that is not necessarily canon to Shadowrun Missions. While most information in Shadowrun Missions, and canon Shadowrun events, will apply to Chaos War and Hellbats MC, the reverse is not necessarily true.

Information that pertains to Chaos War or Hellbats MC will be marked as such. Remember to keep that information separate from what you insist you know about the Shadowrun world while sitting at an official Missions table!

Finally, there is Shadowrun Canon. There is a host of information about the Shadowrun world, more than we will ever fit into our community wiki! That information is readily available, found within a host of Shadowrun Sourcebooks as well as the very developed Shadowrun Wikia.

Main Page

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